Uitslagen races

Download the results of the EC here (PDF).

The results per race on ligfiets.net:
Time Trial

Photos of the EC 2008

Caroleen Meerman's EC Picasa photo album

Henk Meerman's EC Picasa photo album

Wim Harwig uploaded a film to Google Video.

Marc's EC Picasa photo album

Derk van Limbergen's YouTube playlist.

Edwin Matthee's YouTube films and Picasa photos.

The "mixed" tandem riders Theo and Annemieke Homan are content with their 12th place in the overall results.

Derk takes the lead immediately, but Ymte folows at an arms' length.

From left to right: everybody!

Winner for the ladies, Johanna Aarnoutse

Winner for the gentlemen, Derk Thijs. Way to go, Derk!

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