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Mounting cable & shock cordTurn around cable

Fine tuning shock cordAdjustable armstroke cable

Mounting ring and bolt part 1Mounting ring and bolt part 2

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On this page several short films about assembling and maintenance of the Thys 222 Revolver. Assembling of a rowingbike could for instance occur when the bike has been transported by plane to a holiday destination.

Bike shown in the video is a earlier prototype with a small 20 inch rear wheel and silver anodised footslider ring. The regular Thys 222 revolver is equipped with a 26 inch rear wheel, a black anodised footslider ring and steel propulsion cable.

The small rear wheel was used to create a lighter gear. The lighter gear was so convenient that the large 220 mm Snek was designed to achieve the same low gear on the 26 inch rear wheel. The small rear wheel limits the maximum rowing speed at around 55 km/h. Taking the larger wheel makes rowing up to 65 km/h possible. Okay, I'll admit it: I only use that gear in descends or going downwind in a gale!

Mounting the bow sprit

Straightening the handle bar

Fitting the wheels

Fitting the propulsion cable

Mounting the seat

Correct placement of drink bottle holders

Greasing the bow sprit

Adjusting to the length or the rider

Removing the front wheel for maintenance or flat tyre

Removing the rear wheel for maintenance or flat tyre

Shifting gears

The first metres on a rowingbike

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