Important safety tips

Safe use of the rowingbike

Important safety tips
If you have some excess length of cable to be able to adjust your handle bar to a higher position, place it in front of the tie-wrap at the foot slider.
  • Make sure that the gear cable that runs to the revolver ring cannot hook behind anything. On the standard type of the 222 there's always taken care of this; the cable has always the correct length. If you replace the cable that runs to the revolver ring, make sure it has the correct size and certainly not too long. The cable should not be able to hook on to anything, like the left side of the front fork. Do not mount anything on the left side of the front fork, not even a bike computer, put it on the right. Point the quick realese handle of the front wheel downwards, this way the gear cable needs to be even longer before it's able to hook around the quick release.
  • If you need to ride with a hand loose, for example because you want to point out the direction your going or because you want to get your water bottle, do this while your legs are lying stretched and let the bike freewheel. You can't lift your hand during a stroke, your handle bar will then make a sudden swing and you'll be immediately next to your bike. Practice freewheeling with just one hand on a silent road or on an empty parking-lot before doing it in normal traffic.
  • Wear a helmet while on the rowingbike (or any other bike).
  • Wear clothing that stands out in traffic, so your noticed better by other road users.



This cable has the correct length

Even better!

Even better!
Even better

The excess length is put in front of the tie-wrap at the foot slider

All wrong! Dangerous!

All wrong! Dangerous!

If the tie-wrap at the foorslider breaks, the cable drops and could potentially hook under the quick release handle. If the handle is pointing downwards this will probably not happen, but still replace the tie-wrap as soon as possible and only ride the rowingbike if your sure there's no way that the cable could hook behind anything! Option: pull the gear cable upwards, making a loop above the handle bar.

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